What Are Some Basic Printer Troubleshooting Tips?


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To fix a printer, first identify the main problem, such as improper connection of cables, insufficient ink, lack of printing paper or malfunctioning of the printer's drivers. If using the printer on a Windows PC, the print service spooler may get stuck.

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Start by checking whether the printer is plugged into a functioning power outlet. The printer's power indicator light should be on. If the printer isn't connected to a power source, plug it in, and press its power button. If the printer shows error messages on the LED or LCD, note the error messages, and look them up in the manufacturer's website or in the manual that came with the printer.

Next, check whether the data cable from the printer to the computer is properly connected. If the cable is firm but the printer still doesn't print, restart the computer, and try again. If the printer still fails and is using a USB cable, connect the cable to a different port, and retry. If it still doesn't work, reinstall the printer's drivers.

If the printer displays an error message referring to an empty paper tray, place sufficient printing paper in the printer's tray, being careful not to jam or partially feed any paper into the printer. If the error message continues to appear even after reloading the tray, check the settings in the printing options.

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