What Are Some Basic Maintenance Tips for Canon Printers?


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Some basic maintenance you can do on a Canon printer includes cleaning the nozzles, aligning the head and cleaning the roller. It is also important to use a can of air to blow debris out of the printer.

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The first step in maintenance for a Canon printer is to clean the nozzles, and you can do this by starting a nozzle check. To do this, insert a plain piece of paper and run the test, which prints out a series of lines and colors on the paper. If there are solid lines, the nozzles are fine, but if the lines have breaks, you need to clean the nozzles.

Another step in maintaining a Canon printer is to align the head. To do this, open the settings for the printer through the computer and choose the Maintenance tab in the Properties setting. This is in the same place as the nozzle cleaning application.

To clean the roller, gather an alcohol pad or bottle of alcohol, and use the alcohol pad to clean the rollers. It is also possible to put some rubbing alcohol onto the center of the paper, and then put the paper through the printer. The final step in maintaining the printer is to take a can of air and spray it throughout the printer to remove debris.

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