What Are Some Basic Instructions for Using a Philips Magnavox Universal Remote Control?

Insert the proper batteries and point the remote in the direction of the device while pressing the button corresponding with the device type. To synchronize the remote, press the Code Search button until the red light remains steady, select the device using the Mode button, then press Channel Up until the device responds. The Mute button stores the code.

Using a Philips Magnovox universal remote with a compatible device requires identifying the available buttons and features provided by the remote in relation to the features offered by the device. While a universal remote may communicate with a device, some settings and options might not be accessible if the remote lacks the corresponding buttons to execute the commands. A universal remote typically features buttons such as Power, Guide, Menu, Info and Exit, as these features are commonly understood and applied by most devices. Buttons that are common for television usage include Volume, Channel and Last, while VCR and DVD related buttons are often represented as Forwards, Backwards, Skip and Root Menu.

Some functions of the Philips Magnovox remote apply to other synchronized devices even when the selected mode is set to different device. The volume controls, for example, are often applied to the television even when VCR or DVD modes are selected. If the remote appears to be communicating with a device, but is not delivering the expected results, ensure that the Mode button is set to the correct device type.