What Are Some Basic Facts About Bluetooth Devices?


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Bluetooth technology allows users to exchange data from fixed and mobile devices. Bluetooth technology includes devices for hands-free phone usage, wireless headsets, speakers and receivers for computers and electronics, sensors for healthcare monitoring and devices for controlling aspects of the home. The technology was invented by the telecom company Ericsson in 1994, and it is developed and managed by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group.

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Bluetooth headset devices come in three major designs; the mono headset, which is a one-ear device; the stereo headset, which is a headphone or earbud device used for calls or audio input; and the speaker design, which amplifies the sound much like a speakerphone. Bluetooth devices provide wireless transmission of audio and hands-free, wireless control and communication with phones, car stereos and fixed and mobile devices. The technology also provides health sensory data, wireless control for gaming devices and real time location services for lost or stolen devices.

Bluetooth technology exists in many devices, including phones, laptops, computers, robotics, tablets, gaming systems, modems and watches. Bluetooth -enabled devices can share and transfer data, such as music, pictures and documents. A computer that does not come equipped with Bluetooth can use an adapter to allow the PC to communicate with other Bluetooth devices.

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