What Are Some of the Bad and Good Influences of Television on Viewers?


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Some good influences of television are that it can be educational, can provide additional perspective on the world and can encourage children to read. Some bad influences of television include that it is addictive, can cause people to be less creative, can lead to unrealistic perspectives of reality and can have negative effects on people's moods and behaviors.

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Children who watch television may have better school performance, learn about new things and be encouraged to read books about things they see on television, according to Parents magazine. However, children may also suffer from inhibited language development. Watching reality shows can make people have unreasonable expectations in their relationships with other people, causing people to perceive reality in a faulty way, states Pacific Standard.

Watching negative content on television can make people more depressed and anxious, while watching positive content can make people have more positive attitudes and be less aggressive, as reported by Psychology Today.

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