How Do You Back up Your Files Online?

How Do You Back up Your Files Online?

Back up files online using cloud storage services such as Google Drive, IDrive, CrashPlan and CertainSafe. These online file storage services offer users the ability to back up their files and access them remotely.

Google Drive is a storage service and collaborative office platform that allows users to back up files and work on projects from anywhere. The service offers 5 gigabytes of free storage and 100-gigabyte and 1-terabyte storage packages for small monthly fees. Documents created in the program do not count toward users’ storage limits, making Google Drive an ideal solution for collaborative projects.

IDrive offers 1 terabyte of online storage for an annual fee. The program features remote file syncing, is available for all operating systems and also offers apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phones. IDrive also offers 5 gigabytes of storage space for free users.

CrashPlan offers standard cloud file storage, but the service distinguishes itself by offering unlimited storage space for an annual fee. CrashPlan is also unique in that users can select to remotely sync their files to another computer, rather than online.

CertainSafe stresses file security in its brand of cloud storage, offering encrypted storage for home or small business users. The program offers 5 gigabytes of storage for a small monthly fee, which is more expensive than other file storage services, but the program is practical for users who need extra security.