How Do You Back up a Computer Running Windows XP?

How Do You Back up a Computer Running Windows XP?

To make a computer backup on a system using Windows XP, the backup utility has to be installed from the operating system disc, then the user needs to open the utility. This allows files and folders to be included in the backup and makes it possible for the system to save a backup file to a chosen location. To perform the backup, the user must have administrator permissions.

  1. Locate the Windows XP disc

    If a Windows XP file was not included with the system or if it's been lost, call the manufacturer of the computer; Microsoft is no longer offering support for Windows XP.

  2. Install the backup utility

    Put the disc in the drive, then open the directory using Windows Explorer. Navigate to "ValueAddMsoft tbackup". Open the file "ntbackup.msi". This places the backup utility on the computer's hard drive.

  3. Open the backup utility

    Type "ntbackup.exe" into the search bar and press Enter.

  4. Select the files and folders to save

    A list of directories appears in the backup file. Click on each one to expand it, and include or exclude subdirectories. After selecting all the data to save, select the System State checkbox and choose whether to save the system state data in the registry.

  5. Make a destination for the backup file

    For optimal protection, it's best to place the backup on an external hard drive. This provides protection in the event of a complete hard drive crash that would make local backup impossible.