How Do You Find a Baby Registry on Target's Website?

How Do You Find a Baby Registry on Target's Website?

Users access the baby registry search feature on by clicking the Registries link, choosing Find a Registry, and entering the first and last name of one parent. The search results display all registries with matching or similar names. The user clicks the correct name to access the baby registry.

The registry search page requires the user to enter at least two letters each for the first and last name. The more information entered, the easier it is to find the specific registry.

Users also have the option to choose an advanced search after clicking Find Registry. The advanced search link is below the Search button. The advanced search option allows users to enter any combination of details. Options include name, registry type, event city, state, registrant email and a date range for the event.

The search results page displays several registry options depending on the names entered. Users who do not specifically select baby registry on the advanced search screen are likely get both baby and bridal registry results. The results page includes a column for registry type, allowing the user to easily determine which results are baby registries.

After clicking the name of the couple, the registry displays all items added by the couple. The user can see how many of each item is requested and which items are already purchased. Users have the option of buying items online if they are available.