What Are Some Awesome Usernames?


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Some awesome and cool usernames include Arrow Assassin, Blaze, Nightmare, Doctor, Infinite, Dark, Cyborg and Ghost. Depending on the website a user is trying to sign up for, many of these user names may already be taken.

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If a user is having trouble creating a unique username for a website, he can try to combine one or more of the above words to create a truly unique name. For example, the usernames Doctor and Blaze may already be taken, but the name Doctor Blaze may be available. Other examples are Dark Cyborg, Infinite Nightmare or Ghost Arrow Assassin.

Another way to come up with awesome usernames is to use a name generator. Random name generators let users create unique usernames that they might not have otherwise thought of. Some of these generators even let users enter some keywords around which to build usernames. This allows them to add a bit of personality to their usernames.

The best random name generators allow the user to set certain rules that the username has to fulfill. For example, some sites only allow usernames that are 15 characters in length or fewer. As such, the user needs to put a character-length limit on the username to ensure that it fits within the guidelines.

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