How Do You Find the Average Cost of an IPhone 5?


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As of 2015, determine the average cost of an iPhone 5 by averaging price figures from websites such as Amazon.com, Best Buy and eBay. The original iPhone 5 is no longer available from Apple. Prices for used models vary depending on the condition of the product.

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iPhones are often available for a reduced price when purchased with a contract with a phone service provider. The amount of internal storage on the phone also affects the price.

Amazon.com lists an unlocked 16GB Apple iPhone 5 for $380. The same model is also available for $390 and $400. Used and unlocked 16GB iPhone 5s on Amazon.com can be found for much cheaper, with prices ranging from $120 to $220 for phones in reasonably good condition.

According to Digital Trends, the most current used prices for a 16GB iPhone 5 on Verizon range from $165 to $250. These prices may depend on the condition of the phone or the reputation of the seller.

Best Buy's website lists a number of iPhone 5s for sale with two-year service contracts. With a contract, an iPhone 5 with 64 GB of memory costs $200, while an iPhone 5 with 32 GB of memory costs $100. An iPhone with 16 GB of memory costs $50.

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