What Is Auto-Responder Software?


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Auto-responder software allows the owner to create various conditions that trigger the automatic delivery of an email, according to the perimeters of the trigger and the actions of the end user. Common auto-responder uses include sending confirmation emails after a purchase, follow-up emails after a customer service request or reminder emails prior to a prescheduled event.

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What Is Auto-Responder Software?
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Auto-responder software requires the user to set up at least one trigger in order for it to begin sending emails, which the user must also specify as part of the trigger conditions. For example, the owner of an e-commerce website may set up a trigger that sends a customer an email after completing a purchase, including the order reference number, full sale price of the purchase and an expected delivery date. In this case, the software receives a command from the sales system, which includes details about the order and the customer, that it then plugs into an email template and sends.

This type of program is also frequently used in customer service environments across multiple scenarios, such as informing a customer that the company received her email request or following up a correspondence with a survey about the experience. In both situations, the auto-responder reacts to emails but in different ways. The first action triggers when the system receives an email, while the second triggers after the system detects that a support agent sends an email. In both cases, it does not require any direct action to send the message.

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