How Does the Auto Refill Option Work With Straight Talk?


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The Auto Refill service works on a secure and safe debit order that automatically refills an account at the end of a service end date. The service does not require any additional information or actions from the customer other than the initial sign up.

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The Auto Refill option is one of Straight Talk’s safest and most used services. It allows for the customer to avoid any disconnections due to forgetting to recharge or not having the necessary time to manually pay the account. The service therefore allows all customers to know their Straight Talk connection is care of at the end of each service end date. The service also allows for a quick and easy updating of information if the customer needs to change debit or credit card details.

Along with these benefits, Straight Talk includes a “Courtesy Alert” function – this allows for the sending of notifications when a refill has been made – keeping the customer up to date and informed. This is complemented by a notification system which sends messages regarding the expiration of credit and debit cards. There are furthermore no penalty charges for anyone wanting to cease a contract – allowing for a quick and hassle-free cancellation whenever it is needed.

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