What Are Some Auction Websites That Are Similar in Nature to EBay?

What Are Some Auction Websites That Are Similar in Nature to EBay?

Some popular online auction sites similar to eBay are Online Auction, Ubid, Listia and Shop Goodwill. These auction sites feature all sorts of goods and collectible items that consumers can purchase through a bidding process.

Online Auctions differs from eBay in that it does not charge sellers final-value or listing fees. It also features a quick bidding system that curtails sniping by extending last-minute bidding on items.

Ubid is a fairly large auction site with a wide-ranging selection of electronics, clothing, jewelry and numerous items for the home. Like eBay, Ubid offers some buy-it-now items. It also features certain items as a "deal of the day" or "auction of the day." Current bids and auction-closing times are posted for each item. Ubid offers consumers a 14-day return window on items.

Listia is a unique type of auction site where buyers list items to sell and earn credits. Listia members are given credits upon signing up on the site as well. Users can spend their accumulated credits at the Listia rewards store.

Shop Goodwill is the online version of the Goodwill charitable organization. Shop Goodwill lists items from participating Goodwill shops. Typical auction items on this site include antiques, crafts, books, movies, jewelry, toys and collectibles.