How Does Ask Google Work?

How Does Ask Google Work?

The first step to using the Ask Google search tool is to navigate to the Ask Google website on the Internet and access it. The website displays a search box that specifies Google custom search.

A user can enter questions belonging to any domain in the search box and click on the search button seen as a magnifying glass at the right corner of the search box. Ask Google is a search answer tool that retrieves answers to the questions entered by the user using the Google search engine.

After clicking on the Search button, the website displays all information retrieved by the Google search engine that is pertinent to the question. Sorting the information based on relevance or date is possible. There is a Sort by button towards the right end of the screen that lists these two options for selection.

The search results display two tabs; one is with the web content and the other with the relevant images. Visit all the links displayed in the search results to find the best answer to the query. The search result also displays any advertisements related to the search query.

The search box remains displayed on the query results page in case the user wishes to reframe the question or wants to search an entirely new question.