How Do You Ask ChaCha a Question?

To ask ChaCha a question, go to, type the question into the search box under Ask Us Anything, and then click on the magnifying glass icon to begin the search. ChaCha provides short answers from expert guides and ordinary members based on different topics.

Chacha users can ask unlimited questions online and get quick answers from experienced guides. Users can ask virtually any type of question, provided it does not promote hate speech, threats of violence or personal attacks, or violate ChaCha?s Terms of Use. Users can also ask homework-related questions through ChaCha?s Homework Hero application for iPhone. The free application is available in the Apple App Store, as of 2015.

Some important features of ChaCha include the Good Vibes, Explore and iKnow. The Good Vibes is a way of appreciating someone?s question or comment. It is quite similar to the ?like? function on various social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. To send Good Vibes to a particular user, tap the heart icon located under the post.

Explore is a page that shows the most popular questions from the last 24 hours. iKnow shows the most recent questions from the ChaCha community and suggestions that match the interests of that particular user.