What Is the Article "83 and Tired" by Bill Cosby About?


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The article, "83 and Tired" is not the work of Bill Cosby, but a blog post with a similar title was penned by the former Massachusetts state senator Robert A. Hall. The article is an opinion piece that expresses issues, both political and social, of which the author is weary.

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"I'm Tired" goes on to express the author's belief that he has worked very hard since he was 17 years old. He complains about the fact that the government wants to take the money for which he worked so hard and give this money to people who are less fortunate – or, in the author's opinion, extremely lazy. He expresses his intolerance for people who dislike America by saying that if the country keeps moving in the direction it's going, the rights of Americans are going to dwindle away in no time.

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