How Do I Get Around My School Blocking Facebook?

around-school-blocking-facebook Credit: Hero Images/Hero Images/Getty Images

You can bypass a school block on Facebook and similar social networking sites by using a proxy or a virtual private network. Though these options work in some cases, they do not always work in cases in which a school blocks the IP addresses and not just the domain names.

  1. Use a proxy

    Find a popular proxy online, and visit the appropriate website. Type the Facebook address in the URL, and press Enter. A proxy bypasses the block and provides you with an option to view the website. However, it may have spam links and pop-ups, and the school may also put a block on all proxies.

  2. Use a virtual private network

    Connect to a virtual private network, or VPN, and type in the Facebook URL. Though some VPNs cost nothing to use, free VPNS do not provide the type of speed and security offered by paid VPNs. If you connect to a VPN that is located in another country, the network traffic is redirected to that country before it is shown on your computer.

  3. Use the Tor network

    Download the Tor browser, and navigate the Web anonymously. You can also download and install Tor on a USB stick to browse blocked websites on the go.