What Areas Does T-Mobile Cover?


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As of 2015, T-Mobile covers many areas, including all of the Miami, Florida and San Francisco regions. The Atlanta area is another place the cellular phone service provider has cell towers. T-Mobile subscribers have access to the 4G network and LTE networks in select locations.

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As of 2015, T-Mobile covers almost all of the state of Florida. Few connection issues exist in the greater Miami area, including the city of Fort Lauderdale. T-Mobile covers the Key West area. However, this location has limited LTE coverage. Tampa and Orlando are also large areas that have network service from T-Mobile.

Most of T-Mobile's coverage in the state of California is available in the coastal areas, including San Francisco, San Diego and Los Angeles. T-Mobile customers who are not in covered areas have their service defaulted to another network. However, this option often provides poor phone call quality and incurs very slow data connection speeds.

T-Mobile allows users to connect to all areas in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. If no T-Mobile tower is nearby, customers can roam available networks, possibly for an extra fee. For example, customers traveling the southern borders of Texas may roam networks in Mexico if the T-mobile network is unavailable.

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