What Areas Are Covered by T-Mobile?


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T-Mobile covers 96 percent of the continental United States, with every state receiving some level of coverage, as of 2015. Coverage consists of 2G, 3G and 4G service, with 4G coverage reaching over 265 million people nationally.

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To achieve its coverage, T-Mobile maintains 825 cell networks using 824,297 cell towers. The company also uses 1,230,834,497 Wi-Fi points to provide data service. Wi-Fi is also used for making calls on the network with VOIP technology.

Furthermore, T-Mobile partners with phone companies overseas to offer inexpensive sharing plans. For overseas roaming, T-Mobile has agreements in over 120 countries. Using these partnership deals, T-Mobile customers can make calls at 20 cents per minute, text for free and also receive unlimited data coverage.

The T-Mobile network offers both voice and data services. Downloading via data has an average speed of 2MB per second, while upload speeds are up to 0.3MB per second. Those connected to its 4G service have an average download speed of 8.6MB per second. The reliability of the data network changes according to which network a customer is on. Those on 2G networks, for example, only experience a 70 percent data reliability rate. Using 3G networks ups the reliability to 81 percent, and 4G networks have a reliability of 83 percent.

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