What Areas Does Boost Mobile Cover?


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Boost Mobile covers much of the Eastern seaboard, upper Midwest and Texas. The company also provides cell phone service to many large metropolitan areas in other parts of the country, such as Los Angeles, Phoenix, Seattle and Portland.

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Boost Mobile is a subsidiary of Sprint. Its coverage area, for the most part, overlaps that of its parent company. However, Sprint does not provide Boost Mobile with access to all its towers, nor do Boost customers always receive data at the same speeds as their Sprint counterparts in a given area.

Even in regions of the country where Boost Mobile maintains a strong presence, such as the New York-New Jersey-Washington, D.C. corridor, coverage can be spotty away from major cities and highways. For example, Boost offers reliable service in Pittsburgh and its suburbs, but nothing an hour north in rural Pennsylvania.

The bright side to Boost Mobile's limited coverage area is that a phone on the Boost network either works or it does not. Boost customers never encounter a situation in which their phone works but on a non-network tower, resulting in enormous roaming charges. While still smaller than many of its competitors, Boost Mobile's coverage area has grown substantially throughout the 2010s and continues to grow, as of 2015.

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