How Go You Get Arabic TV Channels in the United States?

How Go You Get Arabic TV Channels in the United States?

Although, as of 2015, Arabic TV channels are not available in the United States via satellite, they are through Internet technology. Using IPTV, it is possible to watch the live broadcast of MBC, Rotana, Bein and other Arabic channels.

IPTV receivers provide viewing similar to that most people are familiar with through satellite and cable television. The devices are available at many electronics stores as well as online retailers.

The most popular of these IPTV receivers is the HSTBox, which displays more than 400 Arabic channels online without requiring a subscription for the first two years. After that, annual subscriptions start at $60. Service offered with the device includes a number of premium Arabic television channels, offering everything from sports coverage to movies. It also includes news channels, such as Al Jazeera. The device retails for about $350.

The HSTBox operates by connecting to the Internet through Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable. It includes a built-in DVR capability, allowing users to record their favorite shows.

In general, the HSTBox is the best option for those living in North America, South America and Australia who wish to watch Arabic television channels. Arab television satellites, such as Arabsat and Nilesat, do not reach these geographical areas.