What Are Some Free Apps for the Zeki Tablet?

What Are Some Free Apps for the Zeki Tablet?

Free applications available to download on Zeki tablets include Snapchat, Instagram, SoundCloud, YouTube and Forza Soccer. These programs can be downloaded through the Google Play store.

Thousands of free applications are available for download on Zeki tablets, which run on an Android operating system. Snapchat is a free application that allows users to send photos or videos to friends who can only see them for a few seconds. It is a good way to update friends on experiences and humorous encounters.

Instagram is a photo-based app which allows users to post photos with a caption. It can be used to expand the user's artistic portfolio or simply update people on what is happening.

SoundCloud is a music app that allows amateur musicians to post original music or remixes for users to enjoy. YouTube is a video streaming application where users can view millions of videos uploaded by everyday people.

Forza Soccer is an app designed for soccer fans to view game scores, highlights and live coverage. Some free interactive games available on the app store are "Ramble Planet," "Disc Golf Islands," "Horoscope Saga" and "Cafeteria Escape." These games are free to play, but they encourage or require in-game purchases to advance through certain obstacles.