What Are Some Apps for Windows 8?

What Are Some Apps for Windows 8?

Microsoft's Windows 8 has a number of apps available, including Adobe Photoshop Express, Allrecipes, "Angry Birds Star Wars" and Audible. These apps were among PC Magazine's 40 best Windows 8.1 apps as of 2014.

Adobe's Photoshop Express is a free app for Windows 8 that has fewer features than regular Photoshop, but allows users to quickly and easily enhance images or make quick fixes to them. The app also features 15 filters for photos similar to those available on Instagram, with additional filters available for a small fee. Uploading edited images to Facebook is very simple.

Allrecipes is a free app that helps out in the kitchen. The app allows users to narrow down recipes based on available ingredients, and provides detailed instructions for cooks as well as nutritional information.

"Angry Birds Star Wars" is another game in Rovio's popular "Angry Birds" line of games. In this game, players control "Star Wars" variants of the titular Birds as they fight against an evil pig version of Darth Vader and his mighty weapon, the Pig Star.

Audible is a free app that allows access to a wide variety of audiobooks. Users can preview audiobooks for free and choose from an enormous library to download.