What Apps Offer Full Virtual Piano Keyboards?

What Apps Offer Full Virtual Piano Keyboards?

Some virtual piano apps include "Piano HD," "New Age Piano," "Real Piano HD Pro" and "iGrand Piano." These apps are useful for both experienced and novice players.

"Piano HD" offers a digital keyboard that mimics the tone of a baby grand piano. The app features a full keyboard with all the major and minor keys represented. The player piano function built into "Piano HD" allows it to play many famous compositions while the keys move.

"New Age Piano" offers a digital keyboard with a lush, ambient tone that is useful for playing with melodies. While this app does not have the most functionality, it is a decent choice for those interested in the genre. The app also functions as a streaming radio station that plays relaxing New Age music.

"Real Piano HD Pro" is suitable for more serious users. This full 88-key virtual piano with customizable tuning also offers a recording feature for users who want to save their compositions. Sampled from a real grand piano, the app features high-quality sound as well as other synthesized instruments for accompaniment.

The "iGrand Piano" app is another feature-packed keyboard app for serious users. The app offers a number of different tones as well as recording functionality. The program is useful for more advanced players, but it is more expensive than many keyboard apps.