What Apps Let You Create Your Own Rap Song Online?


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Some apps that allow users to create rap songs include Audiotool, AutoRap and Rap to Beats. These apps vary greatly in price and level of complexity, but all of them allow users to create their own rap songs.

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Audiotool offers a virtual tool kit to create rap beats online. Using digital imitations of vintage analog hardware, the app features drum machines, synthesizers, samplers and programs for mixing and mastering. While it’s not for beginners, Audiotool is a powerful program that can create professional-quality rap beats.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, AutoRap is a simple app that lets users turn their own speech recordings into rap verses backed by beats. Users simply speak into their phones, and AutoRap does the rest, syncing speech syllables to beats and auto-tuning vocals. The app lets users pair their raps with a number of popular beats and share them via social media.

As its name implies, Rap to Beats allows users to record their own raps over a number of prerecorded beats. Users can select from a number of provided beats or load their own music into the program. The app also offers the ability to rap directly over songs downloaded from other apps on phones or mobile devices. Users can share their completed tracks via a number of social media platforms.

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