Are There Any Apps That Help You Find Cheap Gas?


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GasBuddy, Dash and Gas Guru are applications that use GPS and gas price scrapers to determine the closest and cheapest gas around the driver. All three of these applications are available on both Android and Apple iOS devices.

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Gas Buddy is an advertisement-run program that scrapes the latest local gas prices and provides the user with multiple options ordered by price and distance. Gas Buddy is available on Android, Windows, Apple iOS and Blackberry.

Gas Guru follows a similar pattern and allows users to plug in favorite locations such as home, work or school to find potential gas savings within to their everyday commutes.

Dash not only provides local gas prices to the user, but also can turn the user's phone into an on-board diagnostics machine with the purchase of a simple device to allow the connection. This application can read check-engine codes, suggest local repair shops, and even provide improvement ideas based on how the driver has driven the vehicle.

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