How Do You Apply Thermal Paste?


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To apply thermal paste, place the CPU into its socket on the motherboard, squeeze a dot of thermal paste onto the center of the CPU, and press the cooler down onto the CPU. If you are new to using thermal paste, you can lift up the cooler once to check.

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  1. Position the CPU

    Insert the CPU into its appropriate socket on the motherboard.

  2. Apply the thermal paste

    Thermal paste comes in a syringe, and it needs to be applied in a paper-thin layer covering as much of the CPU as possible. Squeeze a dot of thermal paste onto the center of the CPU. The dot should be slightly smaller than a pea, about the size of a BB gun pellet.

  3. Attach the cooler

    Pick up the cooler, and position it on top of the CPU. Press it down, and very gently rub it around to spread the glue.

  4. Check the thermal paste

    If you applied too much glue or are not certain you applied enough, twist and lift the cooler to break the vacuum seal. If you used too much glue, wipe the edges, and press it back down onto the CPU. If needed, apply more thermal paste, and reposition it. Do not lift the cooler more than once, since this adds air bubbles and lowers the cooler's efficiency.

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