How Do You Apply for Fax and Phone Numbers?


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Fax and phone numbers both use the same process of registration, which must be done through a service provider, such as AT&T. Landline services are often bundled through a cable subscription in order to save money and the phone numbers are then chosen for the customers.

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When choosing a phone plan, choose what options are needed. There are often opportunities to keep one single line or to include two different lines for the same household. Two different lines are the optimal choice for a household using a landline phone as well as a fax machine.

Other options to be weary of is the types of phones that are available through the service provider. Some phones have the option of including answering machines and caller ID. However, it is important to note, if the landline is only to be used for a fax machine, then many of the listed features will not be necessary and a basic landline connection will suffice.

After choosing the type of phone and options it comes with, the service provider will ask where to install the phone, and the location of the phone jack. Choose between the option of a digital or analog jack. Both plugs are reliable, but the digital phones tend to have a faster connection.

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