What Applications Are Included in Microsoft Word 2007?


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Microsoft Word 2007 has several improvements over previous versions, including Smart Art, Table Styling, and saving as a PDF. Another new application is the Push Pin feature, which allows the user to keep a document close at hand at the top of her Recent Documents list.

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In previous versions of Microsoft Word, documents were placed on the Recent Documents list and would move off the list as other documents were worked on. With the 2007 Push Pin feature, an important document remains at the top of this list, within easy reach. Smart Art is a feature which allows the user to add premade diagrams or charts to their document. This version of Microsoft Word also allows for easy cropping of photos and direct saving of documents as PDFs; earlier versions required additional software.

Word 2007 also has a feature that tracks changes in a document, which is useful when collaborating with others on a project. In addition, this version of Word allows for comparison between two documents. This feature can also be used to track changes between drafts of a project. Word 2007 also has updated visual previews that allow users to see changes to the document's layout as they're made.

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