Which Applications Give You Manual Control of Your Android Phone's Camera?


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As of 2015, apps such as Camera FV-5 and Manual Camera provide access to different shutter speeds and other manual controls for an Android phone's camera. Other apps that provide increased controls include DSLR Camera Pro and A Better Camera.

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Manual camera apps usually cannot change the aperture of the lens, as this is set by the phone manufacturer. However they can control the shutter speed, exposure, light metering, focus point, white balance, ISO, exposure compensation, bracketing and focus mode. Some apps also provide the option to capture an image in RAW format.

Due to the small size of the sensors found in cell phones, the quality of an image can be badly affected when capturing a high-contrast or a low-light scene. However, an HDR mode can help out high-contrast scenes, while Night mode provides an extra boost in darker conditions.

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