How Does App Store Software Work?

In general, app store software works by connecting a user to a database of applications to download onto a particular type of smartphone or tablet. The applications consist of free and paid programs from the phone manufacturer and third party developers covering software types such as games, lifestyle tools and entertainment utilities.

Every smartphone or tablet runs on a specific type of operating system, such as the Apple iPhone, which uses the iOS software. Within the operating system is built-in functionality to connect to its app store, known as the Apple App Store, and download apps as long as the device owner has a valid Apple ID. While in the store, which is accessible through the App Store app on the device, its website and the iTunes app, the owner may browse through different app categories according to interest and function. Once the person finds an app she prefers, she may download it and install it onto her device.

Free apps are available for immediate download, while paid apps list the sale price and require a funding source, such as a credit card or gift card. The device owner is able to then install the app on any other iOS device she owns that uses the same Apple ID. However, she may not copy the application to a computer or distribute it to other users.