How Does Anonymouse Work?


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Anonymouse is a type of web-based proxy that provides a free service, allowing Internet users to protect their personal data by accessing websites through its servers, thereby allowing them to browse the Web anonymously. Users must access websites via the Anonymouse site.

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When an Internet user browses the Web and enters URLs, he transmits a large amount of personal data that target servers collect and use; perhaps without the user’s knowledge or permission. When requesting a URL through Anonymouse, rather than transmitting personal data directly to the target site’s server, it travels through the Anonymouse server, which “anonymizes” the data and forwards the request to the target’s server. Anonymouse handles any response from the target in a similar manner by passing the response through its server before forwarding the reply to the original user. The user must enter the URL through Anonymouse.org to access the Anonymouse server. Users may also send anonymous email from this site.

Anonymouse claims that the data does not require encryption, since it removes all personally identifiable information. However, there is a VIP version of Anonymouse that offers HTTPS, SSL and TLS encryption. Users can pay for temporary memberships that provide password-protected accounts on the Anonymouse servers. These accounts offer faster access than the free site and have no ads.

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