Which Free Animation Program Has the Best Reviews?


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According to reviews in NYFA.edu, one of the best free 2D animation software is Pencil, and one of the best free 3D animation software is Blender. Stykz, Synfig Studios and Ajax Animator are other free 2D animation software with positive reviews, while Bryce and DAZ Studio are other 3D animation software with positive reviews. All these software are supported by Windows and Mac Operating Systems.

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ListOfFreeware.com also gives Pencil a positive review. The software supports vector and bitmap images, and multiple layer editing. It has in-built illustration tools which lets users create graphics in the software, without having to import them from other third-party software. It can export the created animation in formats such as SWF, X Sheet and FLV. Its primary features include Set Frame Rate, Insert Color, Import Image and Import Sound.

CreativeBloq.com also rates Blender as one of the finest 3D animation software. Its feature-rich interface makes Blender one of the most commonly used 3D animation software, which is also used by professionals. It features photorealistic rendering, realistic materials, fast modeling and rigging and a complete compositor. It supports game creation with full Bullet Physics integration, Python application program interface, support for OpenGL, 3D spatial audio using OpenAL and the ability to port the models to any other third-party game engine. Camera and object tracking are featured with automatic and manual tracking, real-time preview of the tracked footage and planar tracking with tripod solvers.

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