What Is Android on a Mobile Phone?


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Android is a mobile operating system created by Google. It is the software that runs certain mobile phones, allowing users to do everything from making calls to downloading applications that are small computer programs.

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What Is Android on a Mobile Phone?
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Android software is used to run smartphones that allow the user to interact with the phone via a touch screen. It is a modified version of the Linux kernel. Phones running Android use the operating system to make calls, send text messages and perform other basic functions. Similar to the competing iPhone, a wide variety of applications can be downloaded to Android phones that increase their functionality in a myriad of ways. Google facilitates the downloading of both free and paid applications through Google Play and the Chrome Web Store, but applications can also be obtained from third-party channels. Android also integrates with a number of Google's established web services, such as Google Drive, YouTube, Gmail, Google Maps and Talk. In addition to mobile phones, Android can be found on tablets, watches, televisions and in some cars. In October 2008, the T-Mobile G1 (also called the HTC Dream or Era G1 outside of the United States) was the first smartphone to ship with Android software installed.

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