What Is an Android Body Shape?


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An android body shape is one of the four body shapes as stated in the book "The Body Shaping Diet," written by Dr. Sandra Cabot. Also referred to as apple shape, it is characterized by a large rib cage, strong muscular limbs and broad shoulders. This body type is relatively straight up and down with a narrow pelvis, and the hips do not curve outwards.

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What Is an Android Body Shape?
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Android body shapes tend to accumulate fat around the midsection. Stomach fat is not only a cosmetic concern but also increases the risk of getting diabetes, heart diseases, sleep apnea, high blood pressure and gallbladder problems. An individual can know if she has an android body shape by measuring the waist 1 inch above the navel and measuring the hip around the widest part of the body. Next, the waist number is divided by the hip number. If the outcome is greater than 0.8, the individual has an apple shaped body. Regular exercises and lowering daily caloric intake are important in slimming the android body type. Increasing fiber intake helps to prevent constipation and improve digestion, thus reducing bloating. Talking to a doctor before committing to a workout plan to lose an android shape is necessary for successful results.

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