What Are Some Android Apps That Offer FaceTime-Like Video Calling?

What Are Some Android Apps That Offer FaceTime-Like Video Calling?

Five android apps that offer video calling similar to FaceTime are Google Hangouts, Skype, Viber, Tango and ooVoo. Each allows for video chatting with others, as well as various other accessories and benefits.

Google Hangouts allows real-time video and text chats. It is linked to a Google ID and can be used across platforms, making it available on phones and desktops. A benefit of the app is its ability to support conversations with up to ten people.

Skype is a video chat service that allows users unlimited chats, also across platforms. It keeps a constant monitor of the quality of the call you are on.

Viber is one of the newer apps introduced for video chats. It was designed with mobile usage in mind, making it clean and intuitive in its design. It only allows users to connect with other Viber users.

Tango supports voice calls, video calls, text and image chat with its free service. The service is focused on being a social network as well as a communication tool, meaning it has a news feed, games and stickers, among other features. It only allows chats on a one on one basis.

OoVoo supports calls of up to 12 people. It allows users to place calls to other users for free. It has excellent audio processing with noise cancelling algorithms working to block out static noise.