What Does the "American Pickers" EBay Store Offer?

What Does the "American Pickers" EBay Store Offer?

As of 2015, the "American Pickers" do not have a dedicated eBay store. However, eBay does collect available "American Pickers" merchandise together in a single site that features a variety of merchandise, including DVDs, signed photos, clothing and toys.

The most prominent merchandise, as of 2015, is the selection of "American Pickers" DVDs, which includes both entire seasons of the show and discs such as "The Best of American Pickers." Because the page collects sales from individuals all over the world, buyers in America should be sure to select Region 1 DVDs to ensure that they will play correctly on an American DVD player.

Another prominent item for sale is signed photos of individuals from the TV show. Different sellers offer signed photos of Lauren Wray and Mike Wolfe. For maximum authenticity, buyers should focus on sellers who offer a certificate of authenticity along with the autograph.

Other items sold via eBay are "American Pickers" T-shirts featuring the "Antique Archaeology" slogan.

The eBay page also features many collectibles related to the show, including Bobbleheads of Frank, Danielle and Mike. Other times, eBay sells items that have been featured on previous episodes of the show, including mailbox units and mechanical banks.