How Does the Amazon Prime Lending Library Work?


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The Amazon Prime Lending Library allows Prime members who own a Kindle e-book reader to 'borrow' select books electronically up to once a month, one at a time. PCs and smartphone Kindle apps cannot use the Lending Library.

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Prime members use a 'borrow for free' button on the main page of the eligible book in question. An Amazon Prime badge next to the e-book signifies eligibility. The Amazon Prime badge resembles a check mark next to the word 'Prime'. As of 2015, there is no limit on the amount of time a Kindle device can hold a borrowed book. However, it can only hold one borrowed book at any given time.

The Kindle retains all notes and highlighting placed by the user even after the user returns the borrowed book. If a user borrows the book again or purchases it outright, the notes and highlights show up in the reacquired book. Some public and school libraries support Kindle Lending, allowing the Kindle to borrow e-books from the library for a limited amount of time.

Borrowed books require an active Prime membership to retain the book, regardless of other factors. If the account associated with the Kindle cancels its Prime membership, the borrowed book is no longer accessible in the Kindle's library.

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