Does Offer an Auction Service?

Does Offer an Auction Service? does not operate an auction service, as of 2015. All of listings have a set price; users cannot bid on products on

Amazon has operated auction ventures in the past, including an auction site operated jointly with Sotheby's. The joint venture with Sotheby's has been defunct since 2000. Sotheby's operates its auction site without Amazon's involvement, and does not offer any other types of auctions.

Amazon offers non-auction sales options for both large and small-scale sellers. High-volume sellers can subscribe as professionals, which provides a wider selection of product categories for listing items for sale. These plans incur a monthly subscription fee. Professional sellers and retailers who sell more than 40 items per month typically use these plans.

An individual plan does not incur a monthly fee. Individual plans are suitable for low-volume sellers who sell fewer than 40 items monthly. Sellers who subscribe to individual plans are limited to specific product categories and are subject to higher selling fees per transaction.

Sites that allow sellers to accept bids include,, and Other sales alternatives include, and other personal e-commerce sites. Search engines offer services such as Google Product Search that let sellers showcase personal shopping sites to a larger audience.