How Am I Able to Benefit From the Government's Free Cell Phone Program?

A major benefit a qualified participant can expect from the government's free cell phone program comes from a plan that allows users up to 250 anytime minutes per month. Government cell phones are typically text message-enabled, and charged at a rate of 1 minute per sending or receiving of a text.

There are no credit checks or contracts to consider, and additional minutes may be purchased for a fee. While the minutes do not roll over, they do automatically replenish every month with no effort from the user.

The program is not restricted to cell phone usage. It also has a branch wherein the user may receive a discount on either their pre-existing home telephone or mobile bill by qualifying as a low-income household. The discount is applied straight to the provider the user already has in place, but households are allowed only one discount each.

To apply for the program, visit the official website, then click on the link for your state of residence. Qualified candidates are limited to those eligible for state assistance, those with free and reduced lunches and those benefiting from tribal assistance programs. Eligibility varies by state. There are currently 25 states participating in the government's free cell phone program.