How Does Ally's Online Auto Payment Website Work?


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The payment website for Ally Online Auto Services allows users to make recurring monthly payments as well as one-time payments from a checking or savings account through its online interface. It is also possible to use the Ally Auto Mobile Pay app to make payments, as it mirrors the functionality of the payment website.

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When a customer enrolls in the Ally Online Auto Services program, she is able to qualify for an auto loan to purchase qualifying vehicles. In order to enroll in the program, she must have a business or personal account with Ally, as this account serves as the funding source for making payments and verifying the user's identity. If the user does not have an account with the bank, she needs to create one through its online application. After registering for the Ally Online Auto Services program, the user is able to view details about her auto loan, including interest rates, minimum payments and current balance.

From this site, she is able to designate either her checking or savings account as the primary funding source and then choose either the one-time payment or recurring payment model. With the recurring payment system, she must first enroll in the Auto Pay program, then designate a specific day each month in which the system withdraws the payment from her account. The Ally Auto Mobile Pay app includes the same features as the site, including the ability to edit payment dates.

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