How Do You Allow Pop-Ups in Chrome?


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To allow all pop-ups in Chrome, first access the advanced settings through the Settings page, then go to Content Settings under the Privacy section, and allow Chrome to accept pop-ups from all websites. Keep in mind that it's recommended not to allow pop-ups from all websites.

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  1. Access Advanced Settings

    Open Chrome. In the browser window, click on the Chrome Menu button, displayed as three horizontal bars, and select Settings. Alternatively, type in "chrome://settings" in the address bar and hit Enter. Scroll down to the bottom of the Settings page, and click on Show Advanced Settings. This expands the Settings page and allows the user to access more advanced settings of Chrome.

  2. Allow pop-ups

    Scroll down the expanded Settings page and locate the Privacy section. Under that section, locate the Content Settings button, and click on it. This opens a dialog box with a list of all available settings under that category. Scroll down the list, and locate the pop-ups section. Select Allow All Sites To Show Pop-ups to enable pop-ups for all websites. Click on Done to apply and save the change.

  3. Restart the browser

    After allowing pop-ups from the Settings page, restart the browser to make sure that the settings are properly effective.

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