How Do You Allow Guests to Connect to the Internet Using Cisco Connect?


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Allow guests to connect to a personal Wi-Fi connection using the Linksys Connect software from Cisco by installing the program on a supported Linksys router and using its interface to create and share the login requirements. It is also possible to manage users and passwords through the Linksys Connect Android app, as of 2015.

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Many models of Linksys Smart Wi-Fi routers, and select models of older Linksys wireless routers, support user management through the Linksys Connect program. If the router does not already contain the control features inherently, you must install it following the instruction on Support page of Linksys.com, which explains the exact process for different operating systems. Once the software is present, log onto the wireless network and follow the on-screen instructions to establish the base security settings, including setting a custom identification name and password. You may then use this device to share the wireless password with guests and review data about usage on the connection.

The Android app offers the same functionality, including the option to set and alter identification names and passwords. The program gives you the ability to remotely access the wireless connection from any location with Internet access, as long as you have your home Wi-Fi login credentials. This enables you to see all the devices currently using the network and revoke access as necessary.

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