What Does Alex Jones' Infowars Site Offer?


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Alex Jones' Infowars website is an alternative news and advocacy outlet that criticizes the Establishment in scathing terms. For example, in 2015 headlines on the Infowars website called Goldman Sachs a "vampire squid" company and used the word "stench" in reference to an IRS scandal.

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Infowars has a pull-down menu of the regular topics Jones features on the website and his radio program, including World at War, Police State, Medical Tyranny, and Big Brother, a reference to the 1949 George Orwell book, "1984," that foresaw a dystopian future.

Infowars carries an archive of Jones' radio programs and broadcasts the show live in video. The site has a multimedia section with photos, movies and video clips, and links to the Infowars magazine and email newsletter. Jones has made a few dozen documentary films, which allege eugenics, corporate fascism, a police state, corruption and totalitarianism by governments and the erosion of the U.S. Constitution. The films are archived at Infowars.com.

The About Alex Jones page at Infowars says that Jones is a champion of Libertarianism and a fighter of tyranny. The About page also says his site is one of the most popular news websites, getting more visitors than the mainstream outlet MSNBC.com.

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