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Akinator the Genie is a gaming app for Android and iOS devices that guesses which character, whether fictional or real, a player is thinking of by asking him questions about that character. After the player answers a series of questions, Akinator the Genie shows a picture and the name of that character, then asks the player if the guess is correct. If the guess is incorrect, the app continues to ask questions until it guesses correctly.

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Although the specifics of the algorithm that the app uses are not public knowledge as of 2015, Wired.com believes that the app has access to a large database that contains sets of variables for each character that the app guessed in the past. By asking questions and having a player respond to them, it narrows down the variables until only one solution remains. In cases where the app cannot guess the character, it asks the player to provide the name and photo of that character to add it to its database.

Although the app is not free, users with Android devices can download an ad-supported version that does not require an upfront payment. This version allows users to buy in-app purchases in the form of potions that remove ads. The app lets users acquire an in-game currency called Geniz that lets them customize the background and change the look of the genie. One downside of this app is that it does not function without an Internet connection.

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