What Is AirBox TV?

AirBox TV is a program used by broadcasters to set up multiple combinations of parallel video outputs to deliver content to their viewers. The program can operate unattended indefinitely and can stream and play content in both universal standard definition and high definition quality.

AirBox TV is designed for use as live operations that are time-critical in nature. The software can support professional devices that use GPI, VDCP or RS232 connections. AirBox TV also includes a redundant playout feature, making it useful as a fail-safe tool. The program provides support from a majority of production platforms and can support DV and HDV streaming for video content in WMV, Quick Time, AVI, MPEG and MXF file formats. AirBox TV also provides native support for content stored on third-party servers, including Seachange and Leitch.

AirBox TV is also used during live productions as the program allows producers to make edits to a playlist during the middle of an on-air broadcast. All clips in the queued playlist can be modified, edited and repositioned, except for the clip being played.

AirBox TV is a program developed and offered by PlayBox Technology. The company also offers other TV automation products, including the PlayBox Technology Broadcast Automation System.