What Is Agile Development?


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Agile development is a methodology used in software development that emphasizes creating usable code as quickly as possible. Many companies have adopted agile methodologies due to the advantages at dealing with unpredictability.

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The agile development method holds a major advantage over traditional methods. Agile development allows the company to quickly change directions mid-project. A change in direction may be necessary due to changing customer requirements. Another possibility is that the development team has simply discovered a better way to approach the project. Because agile development revisits every portion of the development life cycle over a short time period, a much greater degree of flexibility is possible.

The ability of stakeholders to revisit the basic product design frequently helps ensure the product is relevant when it is released to the public. There is a danger with traditional software development methods that because the design life cycle is only visited once, the product is irrelevant before it is ever released. In traditional development, the development team is concerned with producing an overall piece of working software. Agile focuses on smaller more manageable iterations. These smaller iterations are designed to interact with one another, which makes it possible to reuse pieces more easily over a variety of applications.

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