What Is the Agent App?

agent-app Credit: Hinterhaus Productions/Taxi/Getty Images

Agent is an Android application that contains a suite of software called Agents that help users manage things like important calls during sleep hours, battery power, parking location, driver assist and phone volume during meetings. Agent features programmable context-based triggers to activate customized device settings.

The app's Drive Agent is a Bluetooth and motion-activated Agent designed to read texts, respond to texts with custom messages, and responding to a select list as chosen by the user. Meeting Agent works together with your calendar app to recognize when meetings or other important situations are happening to keep the phone from going off at an inappropriate moment. Parking Agent, Battery Agent and Sleep Agent make up the other available features.

The developers of Agent, Egomotion, also have an app called Trigger, which can work in tandem with Agent to create customized Agents for your use.