What Is Some Advice From the Get Started Section of the TomTom Website?


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As of 2015, some advice included in the TomTom Get Started section of the company’s website involves advice on the connection and downloading of the latest maps and updates to speed camera locations. TomTom also urges consumers to make sure they have the most recent software update installed.

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By updating to the latest maps to the TomTom device, users have access to the optimal routes they can use for road trips or for the everyday commute. With the update, the TomTom device knows which roads have construction or are under repair. This information can help travelers avoid these issues and get to their destinations safely and quickly. Updated maps also list current traffic jams in the area.

Updating the speed camera location can help TomTom consumers avoid potentially hefty speeding fines. This feature notifies TomTom users of changes in the local speed limits so that consumers can avoid going over this limit and possibly getting a speeding ticket.

With keeping the device updated, this ensures customers of potential issues found within the software that is fixable with an updated patch. By updating the device, TomTom software can operate at a faster pace and make changes than its prior operation making the device easy to use. The update also maximizes the customer’s navigation experience.

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