How Do You Advertise in Pennysaver?

To advertise in Pennysaver, navigate to and click the Submit an Ad icon in the menu. Select between free classified ads, paid private ads and paid commercial ads. Sign in to or create a Pennysaver account. Select the product category and enter product details, then click Add to Cart. Review the information and click review your order to finalize the ad.

Pennysaver is an online and print advertising company that lists numerous products and services, including automobiles, jobs, real estate, child care and pets. Pennysaver also features contests, guides and business directories. To post an ad on Pennysaver, select the item's section, category and listing edition. Enter information such as contact information, price, condition and item details in the Ad Text section. In addition, upload images files to help promote the ad. Submitted ads are reviewed by Pennysaver offices to check for guideline compliance.

Free advertisements on Pennysaver must be non-commercial and have 20 words or less in the listing. Free listings must also be for items under $100. For items over $100, create a paid private classified ad. Individuals and businesses that advertise services are considered commercial. Examples of commercial listings are housing for rent, animal sales, item repairs, yard sales and continuous sales of similar items. For commercial listings, use paid commercial classified ads.